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Awareness and Assurance
SiiP - Our PPSR Portfolio Management Platform

SiiP allows users to process and manage their portfolio of registrations from creation (using pre-programmed registration profiles and grantor validation) through to renewal and discharge.  SiiP's features and functionality is detailed in the table below:-


 - Dynamic dashboard showing registration counts, collateral class analysis and expiring registrations to assist with management and compliance
 - Registration expiry management screens to enable effortless renewal on a 3 month rolling basis
 - Ability to retrieve registrations processed through other systems to provide visibility across the portfolio and facilitate compliance monitoring
 - Dynamic compliance monitoring to provide continual assurance that registrations comply with approved profiles and grantors are correctly identified
 - Validation of organisation names and numbers prior to registration
 - Validation of motor vehicle VINs* prior to registration
 - Approved registration profiles programmed and automatically inserted into a registration to save time and minimise the risk of error
 - Bulk uploading of registration and discharge files
 - Application of useful data management features such as customer number, agreement numbers, trading names and other categories to facilitate searching and reporting
 - Registration details entered through a single screen
 - Comprehensive portfolio search options using Giving of Notice Identifier, trading name, registration number, grantor reference, organisation numbers and serial numbers and others
 - Full instant access to PPSR generated verification statements and token details
 - Benefit of a single repository of all PPSR registration details for ongoing registry maintenance, reporting and  compliance monitoring
 - Comprehensive search functionality for all types of PPSR searches    
 - Download consolidated search results to pdf (summary) and excel (detailed) showing Secured Party Group registration data for review and analysis 
 - Ability to download full registration details to excel for analysis purposes
 - Ability to download expiring registrations to ensure timely renewal
 - Client controlled user access
 - Multiple layers of security that allow setting of user permissions
 - Audit trail of transactions by user
 - Register and maintain Secured Party Groups

*VIN validation on length and prohibited digits only



Access Crediible - Our Online Credit Application


Cost and Capabilities

Pricing for Crediible depends on a few factors:-

Q1   How many Credit applications you will process each month?

Q2   How you would like to process your applications?

Q3   How you want to assess your applicants creditworthiness?

Click here to proceed with installing Crediible in your business.

Access Insiights - Our Dynamic Risk Assessment Solution

SiiP for Financiers - Full Service PPSR Processing or Risk and Compliance Monitoring

SiiP for Financiers

SiiP is ideally suited to meet the needs of financiers.   Many of their requirements are not currently being satisfied or are being disjointedly or partly met.

Financiers – Non Invasive Compliance

The diagram below illustrates how financiers may choose to use SiiP as a Compliance System that sits alongside their current LMS in a non invasive way.  The diagram also details how users can utilise the SiiP UI to process non standard registrations correctly using pre-programmed templates.

The key component of this solution is that SiiP is able to retrieve all data for transactions processed via the LMS in order that financiers have visibility over their registration portfolio.


Financiers – Full Service

The Access PPSR solution for financiers that require origination, collateral validation (VIN or Serial Number) and search services to ensure collateral is free from encumbrances is detailed below.

Access PPSR offers financiers end to end reliable PPS registration services.