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The administration team at Hurford Wholesale would like to express their gratitude to Lynne Walton and her team for their professionalism, courtesy and patience during our company’s transition to the PPSR scheme. A massively daunting project, given the size of our customer base, Lynne very quickly broke the process down into manageable chunks and walked us through from start to finish; outlining all issues arising from implementing PPSR within our organisational infrastructure through to the legal discourse currently surrounding PPSA and its consequences. John has proven to be a fantastic resource with regard to installing their system as a gateway for our company to the Government’s register. Incredibly easy to use, coupled with John’s ongoing support and great service, makes the whole process just one less thing to worry about. Lynne – your contribution and advice during a recent episode where a customer opted for voluntary administration has proved invaluable. We are pleased to say that the administrators have acknowledged our registrations on PPSR and have now given us the “green light” to retrieve our goods. Great people and great service – we are extremely happy to have you on board as business partners. Thank you and we would recommend your services to any business!

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